Community Work: Education

School Governor

aclandburghleyI am a community governor of Acland Burghley, a local authority comprehensive school in the London borough of Camden that was rated Good by OFSTED in 2018. I am the link governor for safeguarding and a member of the Finance and Resources subcommittee and the Pay and Performance subcommittee. I attend local authority run training on topics ranging from PREVENT to cyberbullying and managing headteachers’ performance. I take part in recruitment panels for senior staff, chair student behaviour and attendance panels and participate in staff disciplinary panels.

Campaigning on Education Issues

fairfundingSeparately from my role as governor, I have joined a national parent-led organisation that is campaigning against the current government’s plans to introduce a so-called fair funding formula. This policy would see 90% of primary and secondary schools across the country have their budgets cut. In London primary schools the cuts would amount to approximately £700 per pupil per year. The cuts would be even worse in the secondary sector. The organisation is called Fair Funding for All Schools

ROS Poster colourI support another campaigning group called Rescue our Schools which was started by parents in response to the government’s announcements in March 2016 on forced academisation in England and its proposals on school funding. The group are concerned at the direction in which state education is heading and seek to ensure that parents’ voices are heard.

Edlumino Education Aid

Classroom in La Liniere Refugee Camp, Dunkirk, May 2016

In May 2016 I volunteered in La Liniere refugee camp in Dunkirk with a newly established registered charity called Edlumino Education Aid. You can read about my experience in the camp here. Since then I have been helping the founders of this charity to secure short and long term funding through grant applications, corporate sponsorship and private donors. I have used my networks to help the charity think about how to raise its profile and how to coherently express its vision and mission in a compelling way. The aim of this charity is to deliver education by qualified teachers to children in refugee/migrant camps across the globe so that they can obtain recognised international qualifications – i.e. the creation of a ‘teachers without borders’ model.

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