Community Work: HMP Pentonville

pentonvilleI currently serve on the Independent Monitoring Board of HMP Pentonville. This is an appointment made by the Ministry of Justice. IMB members monitor all aspects of prison life by regularly visiting the prison, talking to prison officers and inmates, dealing with inmates’ written applications, eating the canteen food, attending adjudications and staff meetings. Our task is to uphold the fair and humane treatment of inmates and to ensure they are given access to rehabilitation by highlighting and challenging instances where this does not occur. The role is challenging at present given the unprecedented levels of violence in the prison estate as a whole arising from a staffing crisis and prevalence of drugs.

Here is a link to the most recent report produced by the IMB in respect of HMP Pentonville. IMB report 2015/6.

I have written an article published in the Spring Fabian Review with my thoughts on the Government’s proposals for penal reform with reference to HMP Pentonville. You can find the article here. <insert link when published>

I am a member of The Howard League for Penal Reform which is the oldest charity campaigning for penal reform in the country. I am also a member of The Association of Members of Independent Monitoring Boards. This association aims to educate, inform, advise and support members of Independent Monitoring Boards in the law, the treatment of offenders and all other matters relating to their role so that we can perform our duties in a competent and efficient manner.

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